OpenM provides a new custom technology solution

OpenM provides a new customization technology solution

openM was founded in 2007 and developed mass-customization technology successfully after 10 years of R&D. Mass-customization is a new form of production technology that combines the benefits of mass production and the needs for customization. Since the Industrial Revolution and its trademark mass production, customization technology has been ousted from our daily lives with a few exceptions like high-end hand-made products and certain medical devices. openM endeavors to put customization with all its benefits, back into people’s daily lives.

openM, with mass-customization technology has successfully developed next generation medical fixation devices : casts, braces, splints, cervical collars. openM plans to expand its range of products into the sports and industrial fields, realizing our mass-customization technology’s full potential.

openM inc.
Jongchil Park