1. 1

    Which hospitals have OPENCAST?

    Please refer to the available domestic hospitals on the Contact menu.
  2. 2

    Is OPENCAST strong enough?

    OPENCAST is made from strong material and has sufficient fixation power.
  3. 3

    How long is the application procedure?

    The application procedure takes from 10 to 20 minutes, which is shorter than the current plastic cast.
  4. 4

    Isn’t OPENCAST too hot to place on the skin after heating?

    OPENCAST is quite hot right after it is taken out from the heater, however is much applicable when wiped with a wet towel.
  5. 5

    Can OPENCAST be applied on at home?

    OPECNAST is a medical device and its application procedure must be performed by a medical professional
  6. 6

    Can OPENCAST be removed and put on at home?

    It is possible however, consultation with a doctor is necessary before doing so. Clamps on OPENCAST are not reusable. Doctors can provide you these clamps should they see it necessary.
  7. 7

    Can I take X-ray films while wearing OPENCAST?

    Yes, OPECNAST is very radiotransparent. However, to gain more clarity, remove OPENCAST for the x-ray filming.
  8. 8

    Doesn’t the cast get loose after a few days when the swollenness goes away?

    Visit the doctor and reshape OPECNCAST to fit the limb’s changed size.
  9. 9

    Can OPENCAST be applied to areas other than limbs?

    For the time being, OPENCAST can be applied only to the limbs. Products for the neck and the spine are currently being developed. Product development for small fractures such as fingers, toes, etc. are being planned.
  10. 10

    Can OPENCAST be reheated and reused?

    Should the doctor deem necessary due to undesirable shaping or any other reason, OPENCAST can be reheated and reapplied 2 to 3 times. However, should the skin of OPENCAST have been damaged in any way or should OPENCAST have been partially cut to fit patient’s shape, reusing OPENCAST is strictly prohibited. In addition, casts are classified as disposable products that cannot be reused.